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FT Consulting is a business advisory firm dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises and business services start-ups communicate their business ideas to their realization. FT Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services that develop and amplify business management strategy, as well as possible business investment ideas and initiatives. We help companies and entrepreneurs to grow their ideas in actual businesses by developing effective programs and business plans for executing their ideas, while strengthening their existing business activities.

We partner with our clients to transform their organisations and operations in order to reach their potential and secure leading position in the market. This requires embedding analytical and strategic approach into core processes and mind-sets in order to build capabilities that help organisations and people thrive in an ever-changing context. Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics and macroeconomic environment. We study market trends and emerging best practices.

 FT Consulting partners with its clients to put recommendations into practice and works directly with them over the long-term, in order to help them develop their business ideas, drive operational improvement and apply new working methods. We focus on delivering practical and enduring results, allowing our clients to grow and lead in their chosen industry.

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What We Actually Do

Our mission is to deliver bespoke insights, skills and solutions, through customized approach to start-up and growing businesses that combines strategy development and implementation, marketing tactics and investment solutions.