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Create a customer-centric growth platform to power your future.

We can help you achieve sustainable growth by putting your customers at the centre of your company’s strategy. Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touchpoint. We are focused on research customer loyalty in order to gain insights on how to realise your full sales and marketing potential.

We don’t simply help your organisation develop a rock-solid strategy. Our approach is to help you execute every ambition and support you every step of the way. We provide the tools, diagnostics and benchmarks necessary to transform how you serve your customers and earn their lasting devotion.

Nowadays, companies must seamlessly integrate digital channels and capabilities to strengthen customer relationships and meet their rising expectations. Providing an impeccable customer experience and personalised services are only the starting points.

As companies retool their customer engagement models, the commercial functions of marketing, sales and pricing are becoming more sophisticated. Tech-empowered marketing helps identify the right price and offering, anticipating the needs of the customers across multiple digital channels.

Human and digital channels and capabilities are blurring and converging. For example, in the retail industry, on-line chats or chatbots, digitally enhances shop-floors assistants and store employees posting on social media, can all engage with customers in real time.

Digitalisation also offers fresh opportunities to improve operating models. The combination of data sensors, computing power, mobility will allow numerous business processes to be automated within the next few years.

The greatest potential opportunities lie beyond adopting new technologies or improving processes. They involve deep transformational change from traditional transaction-based business models to customer-centric business models and marketing advances in pricing and sales.

Guiding companies through strategic change and transformation is our specialty, whether the change involves full scale transformation of all commercial functions, or making single-function advances in marketing, sales and pricing.


A. Brand and customer strategy: Forge a strong connection between brand strategy and business strategy

A winning brand and marketing strategy requires a balance between deep data analysis and creating new media channels and social networks that will extend the brand experience after purchase. Great brands and marketing strategies are created by inclusive and diverse teams and are based on empirical data.

We will help you through qualitative and quantitative methods gain deep understanding by using various case studies and references, in order to create distinctive brands. Our goal is to help you understand how your brand is perceived and how much value it delivers to the customers.

We help companies define the benefits and experiences that make brands relevant, distinctive, and credible to customers. We develop strategies that differentiate brands through superior positioning relative to competitors. In order to do that, we need to understand what customers find truly important, so we can create added value and deliver it in effective and efficient way.

Many companies identify marketing as a large expense that needs to be carefully managed. Instead, it should be viewed as the core of your customer engagement strategy. We understand that marketing effectiveness is ultimately about achieving sustainable growth.

FT Consulting aims at balancing meaningful cost reductions with selective reinvestments, in order to push marketing expenses down, while generating more revenue and accelerating your growth strategy.

We help our clients determine the customer segments channels. By bringing together a powerful combination of analytics, creativity and industry understanding, we help you build internal skills and capabilities, in order to deliver added value to your customers.

The first step is to create a strong strategy by benchmarking your company against top marketers on the following four criteria: strategic alignment, digital maturity, reach and impact, speed and innovation.

Our approach focuses on the customer and integrates traditional and digital marketing, aiming at helping you deepen customer relationships, find new markets and create exceptional value, while building internal processes that are flexible so you can constantly and continuously adapt to the new business reality.

To execute on strategy, we partner with clients to build internal team capabilities so companies are able to identify and respond to opportunities in real time at the speed of the customer. We are aiming at achieving profitable growth through exposing opportunities and delivering measurable results and gain perspective.

B. Marketing: Transform your marketing with a practical combination of customer-centric data insights and analytical approach

C. B2B Marketing: The core of marketing may have not changed, but there are new goals, roles, expectations and talent needed, in order to navigate businesses in the transforming business terrain.

At FT Consulting we understand the challenges B2B marketers face. The digital era has empowered and altered customer behavior, rendering the traditional marketing methods virtually obsolete. Customers are becoming more informed, with larger expectations and have greater demands than ever. Sales cycles and product life-cycles are becoming shorter and the data pool available is much larger but difficult to harness. We can help you embrace these changes and develop a marketing strategy that will build and excel the following capabilities:

  • Content marketing management
  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Dynamic customer experience
  • Digitalisation

We can help you evolve and elaborate on these capabilities through a well-structured, three phase model that begins with detailed assessment of your current state, strategy development and testing phase, and last but not least implementation and results tracking.