// European Funding for your business

Transform your ideas into tangible reality

At FT Consulting we understand the difficult times SMEs face with regard to finding appropriate funding for their investment ideas. In many cases, companies rely on loans and debts in order to finance their business activities, and sometimes the lack of available funding for new investments results in lower market share, operational issues and innovation slow-downs. Our major priority is not simply to design and craft a strategy for your business, but to execute that strategy and give life to your ideas.

We believe that the European Structural Funds and the various operating programs could be a suitable source for funding your investments and let your business grow in a transformational and sustainable way. Our major objective in this field is to enable our clients secure funding for their investment projects, while we help them with the initial project research and analysis, project preparation, project management and execution.

Project Research

Our consulting service in this area includes a detailed analysis on your business idea and assessment about which of the available EU Funding Programs will be the most suitable for you. We will provide you with a brief guide about the program, the requirements for applicants and the application process itself. At this stage we will prepare a specifically designed guide, including information about the various stages of the application process and the supporting documentation needed before applying for the funding.

Project Preparation

We will navigate you throughout the entire preparation process and its stages. Our team will prepare the required project forms for submission, such as business plans, forms, declarations, etc. Based on the decision of our clients we can represent you in front of the funding authorities and agencies or assist you during the submission and approval processes and disbursement of the financial aid.

Project Management

Getting approved for funding is only the beginning of the project. At FT Consulting, we understand that the implementation phase of the project is the most important one and that is why we want to make sure that our clients receive all the support they need for the successful completion of their investment. During this phase we provide support by preparing a detailed schedule for the stages of implementation. We can prepare all necessary documents for advance and final payments. We can maintain all project documentation in accordance with the set criteria by the funding program, while provide you with useful accounting advice.

// Operational Programs

Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020

The Program is designed to address the address the needs, surpass the challenges and create new opportunities for growth for the businesses and the economy. The schemes provided by the Program aim at creating complex, long-term and sustainable competitiveness for the Bulgarian enterprises by accelerating the transition to a business model based on research and development and innovation. 


// Operational Programs

Rural Development 2014-2020

The Program aims at increasing the competitiveness and the development of the rural areas by encouraging a variety of sectors which could have a positive impact on the development of the local economies, such as: the farming sector, manufacturing, tourism, etc. 


// Operational Programs

National Programme Supporting the viticulture and wine sector for the period 2019-2023

The Programme focuses on restructuring and modernizing the wine sector in Bulgaria. The scheme is designed to cover and support various activities, such as reconstruction and conversion of vineyards, promoting Bulgarian wine in third countries, investments in wineries and wine production enterprises and crop insurance.