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The management consulting services we offer are focused on our clients’ most critical and crucial issues and opportunities. We strive bringing deep, functional expertise through holistic perspective. We aim at capturing value across boundaries and the silos of any organization by achieving a multiplier effect from optimizing the business as a whole, not just the individual pieces.
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We help envision and execute your ideas into reality

The pace of how the business world changes will never be slower than it is today, and yet many business organisations fail to cope with the new business reality that lays ahead. In fact, approximately 70% of the business organisations are facing or are in the middle of significant disruption of their operations due to the new business reality.To stay agile in a world dominated by change, a company should aim keeping its core businesses running, while simultaneously identifying and investing in new ones. Our strategy consulting enables leaders to determine clear, actionable and realistic paths to gaining competitive advantage, by bringing them new insights on business and innovation.At FT Consulting, we analyse the ongoing changes in the business world in order to create your unique path to transformation and drive competitive advantage. We aim at creating shareholder value and enable competitive agility by partnering with executives to define and answer their strategic business questions, including growth strategy, profitability, operating models and sustainability. We are focused on strategies that balance the needs of our clients’ customers, employees, and communities, with a return on long-term competitiveness. Outmanoeuvring uncertainty and embracing the exceptional will enable leaders to change the way their companies work and emerge stronger.

While there are a lot of reasons why a company’s strategy might underperform, they can be categorised in four major archetypes. Do you see your organisation in one or more?
A. Occupation vs Progress

Sometimes, strategy and product development teams mistake activity with progress. Every member of the organisation is busy, however, roles, goals and responsibilities are unclear and poorly identified, while initiatives are not linked to an overarching strategy.

B. Stuck in the lab

The organisation pursues mediocre ideas for very long time, wasting resources that could be dedicated to good ideas with the potential to grow and scale.

C. Abstraction

Strategies are too broad and poorly communicated across the various levels of the organisations. Such strategies are insufficiently customer-centric in order to inspire action and direct investment to the most valuable opportunities.

D. Challenging the status quo

Projects and innovation strategies that threaten the status quo are snuffed out by the core before they can demonstrate their value.


Avoiding these pitfails calls for an approach that is strategy-led, based towards action and agile. we can help you develop a holistic approach, working closely with the client to re-evaluate its strategy and implementation model.

A. Formulation:

We begin by looking both outside and inside the organisation in order to define a strategy that best supports the overall business activities. By looking outside, we understand key trends that are shaping the customer economics and demands in order to prioritise the most attractive domains for investments. While looking inside the organisation, we learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s business model and strategy. We aim at developing a strategy that gains traction by pointing out the most important areas of investments.

A great strategy is necessary but not sufficient. Creating value in a world of shortening product and business model life-cycles, requires decisive actions and speed. We work with clients to identify and assess minimum viable products that are not consistent with the strategy in order to free up resources for more successful ones.

B. Pacing up:

C. Build and scale:

Maximising the return on investment requires the ability to find a product-market fit and scale the most promising projects fast. We work closely with clients to help them make the transition from research and test to execution and launch of a new product, service or business model.

Strategy success call for the ability to continuously build in innovation and bring in new skills and capabilities. We help organisations to identify the critical capabilities needed and define the best path to obtain them.

D. Enablement: